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Currrently our blog is still under progress. We will update our logo by this weekends. For those blogshop owner that have filled up the forms, we will email you our logo soon.

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I will write on review on tomorrow (19 January 2011), because tomorrow is holiday~ hehehe

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi all, this is my first post of reviews, and i am doing testing first. Why am i creating this blog???

Of course, there's some reason. So i decide to create another fashion blog for every one. Shopper can write us an review on blogstore, shoppers can share with us some experience on web shopping and sellers can share with us any experience when managing their blog store. No matters bad or good experience! Please share with us!! ^^

Shoppers may give us your product review, by giving us your purchased item's photos, and what you want to talk about regarding to your item. Please provide us the shop url that your have purchased from.

Shoppers also can give us any recommended blogspot or webstore so everyone of us my know it. Let share around us so that we can buy things and share with everyone about your joyfulness.

Lastly, For shoppers, I will be giving free advertising slot for all of you. until 31 March 2010. Please come join us!!

I just started to create this blog, so i need some times to manage this blog first.. hehe..

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