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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Niconicoshopz pos ekspress "final received" but recipient / customer not yet received.

From Niconicoshopz,

Let me start my experience first, I posted a parcel from Cyberjaya post office on 10th January 2011, then my customer did not received the parcel on 11th January 2011 even though the status is "Final Delivery".

On 11th January night, my customer msg me and ask me regarding to this, and i check the status and found out it is "Final Delivery". It should be posted to my customer's house, but she told me she did not received it.

I started to get worry about the parcel. The parcel is Pos Ekspress RM7, big envelope, so it should not be disappear unless the posman took it.

I ask my customer to wait for tomorrow, to see whether she will get it or not. But on 12th January 2011, she msg me and said she not yet received and she told me she called to the Pos Malaysia, she said the ppl ask her to wait and check whether today will got it or not. Night 12th January 2011, she haven't received. and she msg me again. She said posman ask her to ask the sender to call, to get more info... i called her to check for more details.. then i told her i will call them on tomorrow (13th January 2011).

13th January 2011, around 10.30am, i suddenly got a feel to call Pos Malaysia, after i called, i just told the operator that my recipient did not received it even though the status is "Final Delivery". The operator didn't ask my tracking number and just say, if it's "Final delivery", it means that the parcel arrived at pos office and the posman already post it. Then i told him but my recipient did not get it. I ask him whether is because of the parcel size? because it
s RM7 envelope, he said if the parcel cannot fit into the letter box, the posman will write a note for the recipient to take it at pos office. But i told him my recipient did not get any notes.

I do not know whether what he said is true or not, as i just thought that they will put a note for Poslaju parcel if the house don't have people. After that he said that he can open a report for me, and i will need to wait for another 6 days to check on the parcel status. Sigh~~ why need to wait for so long??

After i have make a report, he ask me to check the parcel status after 21st January 2011. I even ask them if after 21st my recipient still not received, what is the solution will they do? the operator just say, in this 6 days they will check on the parcel, go where already, posman got post it, where the posman check.. whatever things but didn't give me my question's answer.

Fortunately, just now, my customer sms me and told me that the posman found her parcel and ask her to collect it. i called her to check with her, the posman call her and tell her that i write a wrong address so they did sent it. WTF??? i double and triple checked the address. It's impossible and i am very sure that my address is correct.

Lastly, my customer got the parcel after 3 days of some missing issue. What i can say is, Pos Malaysia Tracking system is very bad, what they have update is fake one. I consider as lucky because it is not missing like i search in Google

One more thing, their system is very slow, what i mean is, most of the time, i post the parcel on the 1st day, you can only check the status on the 3rd days, the status in between 1-2nd days is "Not exist".. no wonder my customer will feel worried and feel like i did not post the parcel... sigh~ Malaysia Boleh!!

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